Welcome to Lash Group of Companies’ New Blog!

Lash Group of CompaniesThis is the first post for the official Lash Group of Companies’ Blog! Here we will be posting articles about each of our developments, news, construction updates and what’s happening around Lash Group of Companies.

We have lots new projects on the way and we are looking forward to giving you new information and visuals as they are announced. We will be posting about our cities and areas that we build in and the communities we love to develop.

We have a lot of great projects to talk about so be sure to signup to get our updates right into your inbox on the left sidebar, by simply supplying your email.

We also launched our other social media channels to help communicate and grow with our community more.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/lashgroupca

Twitter: http://twitter.com/lashgroupca

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/lashgroupca

Instagram: http://instagram.com/lashgroupca

Be sure to follow us, tweet us, and engage with us as we build and grow communities.

Thank you for reading,

– Lash


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