Lash’s Top 5 Instagram Pictures Over The Last Month!

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5. “Good morning from 530 St. Clair West. One of our terrific buildings that recently sold out.”

Lash IG 5

4. “Another angle of one of the suites at The Rushton Residences. We love the decor, what do you think?”

Lash IG 4

3. “The view from The Rushton Residences at Rushton and St. Clair West! Can you spot the CN Tower?”

Lash IG 3

2. “The rendering of our @Cloud9Condos Rooftop Pool. The perfect place to enjoy a nice summer day or night!”

Lash IG 2

1. “Here is a reflective shot of the kitchen in our model suite at @Cloud9Condos. If you want to see more you’ll have to come see it!”

Lash IG 1

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