3 Ways You Can Meet Your Financial Goals

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3 Ways You Can Meet Your Financial Goals

2014 is well under way and almost into it’s second quarter. How are you doing with your financial resolutions?

A lot of people set goals and say they are going to go through with them, but having a plan is the best way you can get meet your financial goals. You need a financial plan because it keeps you on track and focused on what you want as an end result.

It’s never to late to put together a plan and start working towards a great financial goal, like being able to afford a new pre-construction condominium from Cloud9 Condos or ME Living Condos.

1. Create a financial plan

Before you start saving money, investing money or more importantly, spending money, you need to start with an effective plan. You need to know your current status, your current portfolio, your debts and what savings and cash flow you have coming in. Be sure to add taxes to your numbers and add any expenses you have on a daily and/or monthly basis.

2. Put aside an Emergency Fund.

When it comes to building financial security, it’s really important to establish an emergency fund. Whether it’s $5,000 or even $10,000 as a start, it can definitely help you in tough times and rainy days. The more you can save, the better, because you never know what life could through at you.

3. Take advantage of tax benefits, sales and more.

With coming up with a financial plan, the more places where you can save, the more ways you can reallocate those savings into earnings or financial security. For example, if you see a exceptional value showcased for a condominium, than it can not only double as an investment, but can be a great way of saving money when buying pre-construction, and then potentially selling it more for later, especially in this hot real estate market happening in the Greater Toronto Area.

These are just three ways you can adjust your new year’s resolutions to be a more profitable, happy and financially driven 2014!


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