3 Pinboards We Love Pinning To


We love Pinterest! We love showcasing the different visuals that are relevant to where we love building communities, as well as showcasing some design inspirations for your future LASH home!

Here are three of our pinboards you should check out today!

1. The Lash Lifestyle | Toronto

Follow Lash Group’s board The Lash Lifestyle | Toronto on Pinterest.

Here you will see everything from vintage shots of Toronto to different areas, neighbourhood amenities, and photos we love about where we live.

2. #LoveYourNeighbourhood | Scarborough

Follow Lash Group’s board #LoveYourNeighbourhood | Scarborough on Pinterest.

Here is a great collection of photos, things to do, and great photographs that we wanted to share about Scarborough, close to our development, ME Living Condos, located at Markham & Ellesmere in Scarborough!

3. #LivingOnCloud9 | Etobicoke

Follow Lash Group’s board #LivingOnCloud9 | Etobicoke on Pinterest.

Here are great shops, people, sports teams, lakeshore pictures and food from around the Etobicoke area, close to our Cloud9 Condos‘ development!


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