Enjoying Toronto’s Doors Open

Here is another great post from another Torontonian (The Deltiology Deity) from Doors Open Toronto.

Did you explore some of Toronto’s famous landmarks?

The Deltiology Deity

I had a great day today as it was Doors Open in Toronto. Doors Open is a special event wherein normally closed buildings are opened to the public. We’ve been going since it started 15 years ago, but we never got to see one of Toronto’s architectural gems, the R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant.

Considered the best example of industrial use of the art deco style in Canada, it’s not only an architectural gem but it’s also situated on a beautiful setting by Lake Ontario. And Undercover Brother and X-Men were shot there. So we eagerly went to see it today.

Here’s a postal card that Canada Post issued (along with a stamp) on the building.


The postal card is unsent. But I do have some of the pictures I took today of the plant:

Exterior of RC Harris

Postal Card of RC Harris Filtration Plant Halls of RC Harris Plant
Halls of RC Harris Plant
A clock like device and sunlight

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