Adding One More To The Top 20 Ways To Meet People In Toronto


We recently came across an article written by BlogTO, called The Top 20 Ways To Meet People In Toronto.

We read through the article and there was a lot of good ideas for meeting new people.

Here are just 3 out of the 20 ways they mentioned in the article:

  • Taking a fun class
  • Joining a choir
  • Going to a drink tasting event

But, we would like to add one more to this great blogTO list of meeting people…living in a condo!

When it comes to living in a condo, common places are great places to meet other people. They live in the same building as you, you don’t have to travel to see them, there are plenty of amenities to share. With living in a condo, places like lobbies, elevators, common areas, fitness areas and green space is a great way to meet people and start new friendships.

So try out some of the ways from the article and if you don’t already live in a condo building, be sure to check out ME Living Condos, Cloud9 Condos, and register for our new project, The Barrington Condos.

It’s all about building a community, a social community, where people can be apart of something and love where they live…And we love building communities.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share this article.

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