10 Amazing Pictures Of How TTC Buses Have Changed Over Time

Most of us in Toronto take the TTC up, down or across to work, to events, to see friends or even family. Over 2.76 Million people ride the Red Rocket every day and it’s been the focus of many mayoral debates, daily conversations in Toronto and sometimes it’s a great way to beat the traffic.

We realize how essential it is in Toronto, so our current projects, The Barrington, ME Living Condos, and Cloud9 Condos (as well as past projects) all are TTC accessible.

But, a lot of people don’t know how the TTC looked before the new buses started showing up on city streets.

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Here Are 10 Amazing Pictures Of How TTC Buses Have Changed Over Time:

1. The Old Fashion TTC Bus

Photo: source

2. The Double Decker TTC Bus

Photo: source

3. 1970s TTC Bus

Photo: source

4. The Merry Christmas TTC Bus(es)

Photo: source

5. The Ford Concept TTC Bus

Photo: source

6.  The Fish Bowl TTC Bus

Photo: source

7. The ‘Boxed Extension’ TTC Bus

Photo: source

8. The 1980s TTC Bus

Photo: source

9. This Black and White Beauty TTC Bus

Photo: source

10. The New & Articulated TTC Bus

Photo: source

It’s so interesting to see how these buses have been designed, re-designed and developed over the years. We are happy they get us from point A to point B.

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